The newest classic card game

Are you a fan of classic card games like Spades, Hearts, Canasta, Pinochle, or Euchre? Lohai combines the strategy of the finest card games and adds a dash of luck to make a new classic for the entire family. Because this game is distributed under the Creative Commons license, you can create a deck and learn how to play right now. Give it a try!

To Say the Least

A fun little podcast game show

Remember when game shows were less about the prize and more about having a great time watching people have a great time? To Say the Least is a small attempt at bringing back that magic to the modern American game show. Listen now or inquire about becoming a contestant!

Word Up

The sudoku of word puzzles

A solitary game currently in development and coming soon. Can you complete the chain of words to complete the puzzle? It's harder than it looks but tons of fun for everyone. Games you can play at home are coming soon!


How much is enough?

A party game currently in development and coming soon. Two people have information you need to answer a question and win. The problem is they can only say so much. How much information is enough? How quickly can you answer the question and defeat your opponents? Games you can play are coming soon!